Wheelchair Van Problems

Happy Friday! So my wheelchair van has been in the shop and we've been waiting to hear if it's totaled or not. They're trying to determine if the policy covers the conversions of the van or not. It's been a really difficult process, between getting a wheelchair rental van and going back and forth from …

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On The Outside Looking In

Happy Friday. Growing up, I've always been excluded from almost everything. First, it was birthday parties, then it was the pre-Homecoming/Prom stuff, like getting ready and taking pictures together. All this, was because of my disability because I couldn't get into certain places and because I had to have someone help me eat. So when …

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Being Disabled Isn’t a Bad Thing; We Are Independent

From what I've experienced from my disability, people often feel bad for me. But the truth is that I've come to completely accept my disability. Now, don't get me wrong but some things bother me. Here's a short video that goes over a couple of things/situations that we wish you knew: https://youtu.be/_b7k6pEnyQ4 I completely agree …

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