A very frustrating Saturday night

On Saturday night, my mom and I went out for dinner.

The restaurant we went to was small, and all of the tables were to close together. We found a table that was accessible, and out of people’s way.

Unfortunately, we had to move because that table was apparently off limits. So, we were moved to a different table that put me in people’s way. (Because you know, electric wheelchair)

That was just beginning of that very frustrating night. My mom and I had just finished eating when there was a family waiting for our table. That family was I’m my way of getting out of the restaurant.

But wait… because that’s not the worst thing that happened that night.

The worst thing that happened, was when we walked outside to find a car parked right next to us. Now by that time, the ramp on my car was already deployed.

Since, we didn’t know there was a car parked next to us, the door and the ramp were then broken. If there’s someone or something too close to the ramp it breaks.

I’m honestly surprised that the ramp didn’t scratch their car.

On top of that, that red car was blocking my way to not only get off the sidewalk/curb, but also blocking my way to get in my car.

My mom had to go back inside the restaurant to find the person who parked there, so they could move their car out of the way.

When they backed out, they had the gall to sit and wait for me to get in. That’s when we noticed that the door and ramp were broken.

Thankfully, there’s a backup way to get into the car. Also, one of the waitresses came out to try to help, and even she was frustrated at what happened. By the way, she was super nice!

Anyway, it’s really expensive to get the ramp fixed. When we confronted the person in the car, they started yelling and saying “it’s not my fault that’s its broken,” “I didn’t brake your car,” etc.

This is their car parked in the same spot, after we pulled out we took a picture. Because to us it doesn’t look like that’s an actual parking spot, but maybe that’s just us? I mean what kind of parking spot is up on the curb like that?

So, that was definitely a eventful night out to say the least. Honestly, something like this always happens when I try to go out. Whether it’s that there isn’t handicap van parking and people parking in the line’s.

I have to have enough room to get out:

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of these parking spots.

People think that we – people in wheelchairs – have enough room to get out in these spots, but we need at least 8 feet to get out.

And lastly,

This happens more than people realize.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Stay positive, stay safe, and spread the gospel.

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him—  my father’s God, and I will exalt him! – Exodus 15:2


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