“I can only imagine”

Before I go to sleep, I like to put on K-love or WayFm, which are Christian radio stations.

As I was pondering what I’d write tonight, a song came on called “I Can Only Imagine.” At that moment, I new what I was going to write. I love how God can use anything to speak to you.

But that’s what tonight’s post is about. Instead, it’s about the fact that we idolize people and Earthly things.

When I kid, I’d imagine seeing God and running up to him, which at that time was a tremendous amount of hope.

When I was listening to that song, I thought of people (including myself) running up to their “Idols” or heroes. “I Can Only Imagine,” suddenly become something entirely. Instead of it being a Godly message, it quickly became one of Earthly things.

Because if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we spend more time focusing our time on, celebrities, politics, social media, and gaming. Since, we focus our energy on these things, by the time we remember to spend time with God, it’s too late.

On Saturday, I finished the 35 day challenge, and when I did it felt amazing!Through the whole challenge, I spent more time with God in those 35 days, than I had probably done in several years.

So, let’s change how we live our lives, and spend more time with God.

Stay positive, stay safe, and spread the gospel.

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him—  my father’s God, and I will exalt him! – Exodus 15:2


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