Living with a disability

Hey guys, I hope you had a good weekend.

I have a disability that prevents me from being able to walk, so yes I’m in a electric wheelchair.

I want your support if you like what I write, not because you feel bad for me.

Since I have a unique perspective on life, I thought I’d give you another glimpse of my life.

I have a huge pet peeve. I really hate when people stare at me. Here’s why; wherever I go people tend to stare at me.

I don’t mind it when little kids stare, but I do mind when adults have the audacity to stare at me.

People have stared at me so much, that when someone stares at me with a joking expression I get really uncomfortable, and annoyed.

Almost every time I see my nephew he asks me “why are you in a wheelchair” or “can you go upstairs,” and I always tell him that I can’t walk. He’s young, so he doesn’t understand why I’m different.

Almost every kid that’s young comes up to me, and asks “why are you in a wheelchair.” I find it kind of cute because they are curious little things.

Some times when I go out adult’s give me this look like I shouldn’t be there, because they automatically assume I’m incompetent, but I’m not.

Through it all I’ve counted on my faith more times than I can count. You may not be able to see God, but you have to trust that he’s there for you through everything. If I didn’t have my faith I don’t know where I’d be.

That’s all for now, don’t forget to stay positive, and May the 4th be with you. (For all the Star Wars Fans)


3 thoughts on “Living with a disability

  1. Stacey DePoilly

    Good morning my beautiful Sister, I want you to know how much I can relate to your post with regard to living with a disability and dealing with people staring. I endured a TBI at 18 and had a big, ugly red scar on my head that I was stared at for by others. You are so right my friend, to rely on God and receive His Strength in all you do. You are beautiful, inside and out, my friend. Enjoy your weekend and God bless you.

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