Hey guys, I hope you had a great Easter.

Positivity comes in many different forms.

Such as: words, outlook, thinking, and interactions.

In my experience, people tend to use negative actions and words to hurt others.

Words can cut deep, and when that happens; self-esteem can be affected.

Then there are people who like to start fights, also known as bullies. Most bullies are hurting therefore, they hurt others to make themselves feel better.

With Covid-19 affecting us, everyone needs some type of positivity.

So, how about we make a goal for this month; at the end of your day think about at least one positive thing that happened. Reflect on how that positive thing made you feel, and if you believe in God; give thanks to him.

My prayer for this week is that we try to have a positive outlook throughout our days.

Have a good week. Until next time, stay positive.