The best feeling on Earth

Happy Friday everybody!

Unfortunately, this weekend is spring ahead; I don’t like spring ahead. 48 states have to change their clocks twice a year (Fall back and spring ahead).

I’m soo not not looking forward to that.

So on Tuesday I talked about finding purpose, and how I found mine. (If you haven’t read it, I would recommend reading it before continuing with this)

God has been using me to help someone who was lost; they reached out after I posted a Bible verse a few months ago.

They wrote me a really long message about how their life has changed. I saw the message on Sunday but I didn’t read it.

So after I wrote my post, I felt like God was telling me to read the message. When I finished reading it, I started crying with tears of pure joy.

I knew at that moment, that I was doing exactly what God wanted me to do. I hope that I never forget that joy I felt.

You see the greatest feeling on earth, is the feeling of knowing that you helped someone.

I watched the newish movie on Netflix called “Moxie” and let me tell you, I wish I could’ve been a part of group like that.

It was a great movie for national women’s day; it focused on sexism towards women.

That’s all for now; don’t forget to stay positive and have a good weekend.


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