Wacky joke and Spreading the gospel

Hey guys, I hope that you had a good week; and I hope that you have a great weekend.

Have you ever been part of a practical joke online?

Up until yesterday, I had never been part of one; because of my disability I’ve never been part of much.

So imagine my surprise, when someone included me in a fun, but wacky joke online.

In today’s society, people need a break from reality; and that’s why I agreed to pretend to be in love with someone. (As a joke.)

They said that they were in love with me and I responded saying I didn’t know them and that they’re creepy.

After trying to convince me that I knew them; they told me they’re name, and I realized who they were.

The next thing that happened was: they wanted to get back together, but I made up an excuse saying I was happily engaged, because I was afraid of getting my heartbroken again.

After going back and forth, I finally gave in and admitted that I lied about being engaged. We agreed to meet at our old hangout; and we lived happily ever after!

(Again this is not real, it’s just a goofy joke.)

The Bible teaches us how to spread the gospel, and there are different ways to do that.

Yesterday there was someone online trying to share their faith.

In the beginning they were trying to spread the gospel.

But then they started to force their beliefs on others in a way that was making them turn away from God.

The end result was that everyone was annoyed, and for those people who didn’t believe; they certainly weren’t going to start after that.

I have an optional fun survey; so I can get to know you.

Here’s the link: https://form.jotform.com/210547355150146

That’s it for now, don’t forget to stay positive.


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