Friends and family

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone had a good weekend and a good Monday. I know that I was supposed to post yesterday and for that I’m sorry.

Ok I know that everyone has different experiences when it comes to falling out with friends.

So, here’s my story; I had a weird friendship with someone who I’d known for several years. Most days we would have bad days: ignoring each other, and arguing over almost everything. Then there were the occasional good days, and I looked forward to those days.

Has anyone ever had a relationship or a friendship where it ended really bad, and it was so bad that you stopped talking to them after you fought? Did you ever want to hear their side of the story, or you want closure so you can move on?

Let me tell you I’ve been there, and the end of our friendship was a literal nightmare; a couple weeks before, I had a nightmare of our friendship coming to an end.

After our friendship exploded, we didn’t talk, didn’t see each other, and luckily we didn’t have any classes together. In fact I didn’t see them, until my friends graduation party, and when I saw them, it was tense, and awkward. When I turned away, I could feel her glaring lasers at my back, and that was the last time I saw her.

The first six months were really hard, because I wanted to know their side of the story, and I wanted closure.

So that’s what happened between my former friend and I.

My Aunt and Uncle are in town for a couple of weeks, and everytime there’re here: I always look forward to seeing them.

On Monday, we met them for breakfast: so we could talk and catch up.

I love seeing them, and let me tell you about my uncle and aunt: he’s awnry, goofy, and sweet. He loves to tease me, and he gives me a hard time. My aunt is loving, kind, sweet, and she occasionally gives me a hard time too. All the great qualities of my auntie and uncle. If you guys are reading this: I love you with all my heart.

It was great having breakfast with them and catching up. I hope that we’ll see you guys again before you leave.

I know that I said that I would write a short review on “Finding Ohana” but I decided that from now I’ll be writing short reviews on Fridays.

On Friday, I’ll write the review on “Finding Ohana” and possibly another title.

As always I’d love it if you could give me something to watch or read, and then I’ll write a short review on it. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Until next time. Have a good couple days.



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